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Susan Clausen
None of These Things is just like the Others
at Myopic Books

Opening: Friday, April 17th 2009, 5.30 - 7.30 pm
Myopic Books, 343 A Main Street, Wakefield RI 02879
Exhibition dates: April 14th - May 17th
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Slideshow from installing (photo: Viera) and exhibition opening (Photo: Kristin)

Myopic Books presents a selection of new prints and assemblages by Susan Clausen. The principle of juxtaposing elements is present in both the assemblages and the linoleum block prints, where Clausen patchworks an image from many individual blocks. A visual narrative evolves as relationships are formed between the linked images. Though images are repeated, each print tells its own story. Each piece suggests its own meaning, and each of them, as the title says, is not like the others.
As the artist says, “I feel best when I am engrossed in making something. I explore ideas and materials while letting my mind wander through the process. Using found and constructed objects, I create relationships between them that suggest a story, event, or feeling.”

Susan Clausen has lived in Providence for 25 years. She received a BFA in light metals from the University of Illinois in 1980 and has continued to make artwork using many mediums throughout her artmaking career. She is one of the original members of AS220, a non-profit art space in downtown Providence and is currently employed as the building manager for AS220’s three buildings.

For further information please contact
Kristin Sollenberger, Myopic Books, 343 A Main Street, Wakefield RI 02879, 401.284.4554
Viera Levitt, independent curator, www.vieralevitt.org/myopic/clausen.htm
Susan Clausen, susan@as220.org

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