Touching representation of quest for freedom. – Wakefield, RI
Viewed piece for 45 minutes. Gained more interest the more times I watched it. Keep up the good creative work. - Anchorage, Alaska
Art in public places is essential to our quality of life. – Newport, RI
Interesting relationship between the baroque and the modern; movements, traces, birds, flight. – NYC
I love the idea of art in a train station, particularly video art. – Foster, RI
(I would like to see) Interactive art, things to make people surprised and smile. Video Art. –no city given
2 weeks later it’s still clear in my mind. – Boston
The graphics were very well done. I like the seagull finally finding its freedom. …I like representational art, that is well done as this was. – So. Kingstown, RI
I wish there was more to see. Literature sounded interesting. Nice display and entertaining while waiting at the train station…Overall the flying bird is quite enchanting! Easy to watch and let your mind wander. – Narragansett, RI
Just as I was watching the video a flock of geese/ducks flew past in the windows on either side of the monitor – very cool! The setting felt very intimate despite being a pass-through place. – Providence, RI
It brought imagination to an ordinary, mundane space such as depicted in video...Pleasant piece & nice entertainment while waiting. These would be attributes I would like to see continued. – NYC
It helped me to get away from my tensions and thoughts. – Wakefield, RI
Beautiful pictures, appropriate music. – Jamestown, RI
I enjoyed being able to view it, but somehow I had a visceral reaction of nausea, not a mental one, almost like carsick. I also found it engaging & somewhat anxiety producing. – New Haven, RI
The accuracy of how the bird flew - the gleaming wings very clean yet beautiful.
Like allusion (sic) of mirrors and space. Bird’s flight, movements unrealistic. – Carolina, RI
I liked the seagull’s ability to fly through mirrors but not to use doors/windows. Video loops are good – shortens the waiting time! – Washington, DC
Interesting at first, then tedious. – Newport, RI
Concept is good. (I would like to see) art from all the places of world to get to know about the places. – Kingston, RI
Technically well done. Something cold about it. – West Kingston, RI
I enjoy it because it is very fascinating to view. (I would like to see) some more of this fantastic display. - Danvers
Yes, I’m still amazed at what you can do with computer graphics. The line between virtual and “real” visual realities is now completely blurred. – Wakefield, RI
I liked the gilded baroque décor in the video. I did not like the bird. It was too “surreal” for me. Sorry! …I really appreciated this exhibit. Unfortunately, I’ve never been a fan of modern/surreal art. …but I liked it nonetheless.– Foster, RI
More (art) in the station itself! – Wakefield, RI
It got repetitive after awhile. There should have been more variety. Also, the technical aspects of putting this piece of art together should have been explained. I felt like I lacked the knowledge to appreciate it.
- Boston, MA
(I would like to encounter) Art that makes me think. Something that lingers in the mind long after I’ve seen it. - Narragansett, RI
It had a lot of good stuff.
It was relaxing and graceful and mysterious. - Kingston, RI
(I would like to see) Physical art. “Video art” is not art. – Jamestown, RI
I like mirrors….Thank you. – Wakefield, RI

“Close Encounters: Central European Video Art”
Historic Kingston, RI Train Station, Amtrak Waiting Room Installation
Traveler Questionnaires: Excerpts 1/24/08 – 2/10/08