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Josie Morway: Untame Vs. The Domesticati
at Myopic Books

Opening: Sunday, June 28th, 4 - 7 pm
Myopic Books, 343 A Main Street, Wakefield RI 02879
Exhibition dates: June 28th - July 26th

Josie Morway: Installation view

Josie Morway is an artist and designer living in Providence. Her work has been featured in various venues including the DeCordova Museum, Giant Robot San Francisco, the Fitchburg Museum of Art, and the Charlestown Gallery. Her work combines subjects from nature like birds, bees and elk with typographic experimentation and literary quotes to create what are often described as "fragmented narratives". At Myopic, Josie will be installing small works from a series called "Untame Vs. The Domesticati", examining the themes of domestication and wildness through symbols relevant to both wildlife and human society.

For further information please contact
Kristin Sollenberger, Myopic Books, 343 A Main Street, Wakefield RI 02879, 401.284.4554

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