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Paintings by Babette Allina
at Myopic Books

Artist’s reception: Sunday July 20th,, 2008 from 3pm to 5pm
Myopic Books, 343 A Main Street, Wakefield RI 02879

Artist statement
The paintings by Babette Allina in this exhibition involve questions of push and pull – in personal interactions and between objects. Abstracted reductive mark making is used as a kind of short hand to describe negotiated spaces.
This mark making led to a project that recalls an early influence of graffiti art, specifically, investigating visual forms to communicate something verbally obscure, a private graffiti.
The resin pieces begin a lexicon of marks derived from objects natural or otherwise. Some are accidents, duplicated repetitively, until they become part of the vocabulary. The processes that are being explored are dictated by the ideas of containment and public vs. private communication.

Babette Allina is a Rhode Island based artist who has exhibited her work in New York and Rhode Island. Recent exhibitions include the Wheeler Gallery, Providence, University of Rhode Island Galleries and Hera Gallery, South Kingstown. Her work has appeared in various publications including ArtNews, Urban Design and New York Magazine. She earned her BA from Bennington College, and MA from the University of Rhode Island and is currently employed by the Rhode Island School of Design.

An installation of her paintings Private Grafitti will be exhibited at Myopic Books from July 20 – August 16, 2008.

For further information please contact
Babette Allina: babette.allina@gmail.com

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Private Graffiti: Later/I/Reach/Why. 2008
Tar on cast resin; 4 panels (installation view I)
12 x 1 x 48 inches

Private Graffiti: Later/I/Reach/Why. 2008
Tar on cast resin; 4 panels (installation view II)
12 x 10 x 12 inches
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